Friday, May 29, 2009

Communing at the Alter - The Zoobomb Bicycle Library is Unveiled

This afternoon a mass of bicycle believers gathered to worship at the alter that is the new Zoobomb Pyle.  The attendees included everyone from  Bike Temple members emaculately saved from recent danger, to the mayor of the Bicycle Holy Land.

This was truly a spiritual experience.  In addition to Mr. Adams, several representatives from city hall showed up to bask in the glory of the gold-plated mini bike.  After an amazing performance from The Sprockettes the crowd took over the block and had a good ol' fashioned "do it better" dance party.

It goes without saying that this is a great day for the city of Portland.  Not only has it committed its time and resources to building a monument for bicycles, but it has reached out to and accepted a group of people who refuse to be controlled or regulated, a people who hold the bicycle high above all else.


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