Thursday, May 28, 2009

A glimpse of the divine

Under most circumstances, the creation of a bicycle is so sacred that it cant be viewed by human eyes. Those who look will be blinded. It's some quirk of the bicycle deity, apparently of a higher plane than can be understood by use mere humans. Too holy, too sacred, something like that. (I have to wonder, through, if humans can watch the creation of a Huffy or Magna without being blinded. Maybe you'd be driven to madness by seeing something more vile than be comprehended by the human soul).

At any rate, the advent of photography has made it possible for us to glimpse the holy creation of a bicycle, or a collection of bicycles, as the case may be. Here we have Moses at the welder, tacking together parts of the mobile shrine, with the rear stay of black road bike neatly silhouetted by the blinding light of the creation force.

Yours in The Faith,
Pasture Ted
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