Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sheldon Brown was a Prophet

Scripture is wonderful.

No matter what religion or belief, there is always some form of text or oral tradition that provides everything from guidance and direction to stories and fables. Some religions are built on scripture, others build scripture around the religion.

While the Bike Temple is very "choose your own adventure" when it comes to beliefs and religion, or lack thereof, we do all believe in the bicycle. This is the one philosophy that we hope will serve to connect so many others that have, in the past, avoided or opposed one another.

So every belief needs scripture, therefore I submit to you the writings, teachings, stories, travels and philosophy of Sheldon Brown. Sheldon taught people how to live the life of the bicycle, and how to use, repair, and benefit from this incredible tool. His site includes one of the most expansive collection of bicycle repair information known to man, stories of his experiences and travels, and wisdom and uplift in times of hardship.

As with everything, believe as hard as you like. Sheldon Brown doesn't have to be your savior, your God, or even your role-model. But he is the author of the holy text we call, a scripture for the bicycle believer.

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