Friday, May 1, 2009

Tour de Revs - Bamboo Bikes and Lutherans on a Mission to Save the World

From the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America's news feed...

ELCA Pastors Embark on Bamboo Bicycle Trek to
Help End Hunger

Three 60-year-old best friends are on a
"mission from God." They plan to stop at 65 cities, covering
13,000 miles in 100 days -- all on a bamboo bicycle built for
three. Their mission is to help bring an end to world hunger.

"Cycling is the most advanced transportation a lot of hungry
people can afford,"
Schlak said. "Whether it is a modern American
city or a small village in Africa, many people ride bikes because
they cannot afford a vehicle with a motor."

Schlak said they chose a bamboo bicycle "because people in
Ghana are lifting themselves out of poverty by harvesting locally-
grown bamboo and forming it into bicycle frames and attaching the
necessary bike parts."

The triplet bamboo bicycle designed for the pastors is the
first of its kind.

Calling their journey the "Tour
de Revs," the pastors'
mission and goal is threefold -- "revelation, revolution and

Read the entire story here, and find more information about the
de Revs here.

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