Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Choosing My Religion - The Bike Temple Presents 'The Joy of Sects Ride'

A repost for the wondering soul who has yet to become enlightened.

New religions can be pretty intimidating. Some have buildings designed to threaten and exclude, others keep their ritual and practices away from the public, and then there are those which we simply know nothing about because we have never bothered to ask. All of this can make it hard for the seeker of spirituality to understand and find religion, leaving many people wanting more.

The Bike Temple wants to open the doors of religious institutions and facilities and meet the people that make them tick, and so we present to you 'The Joy of Sects Ride', a Pedalpalooza event.

Join us for a tour of Portland's diverse and devout religious institutions and worship sites. We'll be taking time to explore glorious architecture, people, and practices of a wide range of religions, from Apostle to Zen. This will be a fun, open-minded, and respectful opportunity to learn something new about different religious organizations in your own neighborhood.

We will be greeted by a representative of the faith at each stop, who will take time to "sell us" the religion, tour the facilities, and answer questions. Many of these organizations want to share their message with the masses, but they often don't have open ears and minds to speak to, this ride will give them a chance to spread the word, and give all those attending a chance to learn things they were always curious about.

When the ride is finished, we will commune at a local bar, to share stories, ideas, collected literature, and opinions.

We encourage all people to attend, whether you are a devout zealot, an inquisitive soul, or a refuser of religion.

We will see you there...

Sunday, June 14th, 2009
Col. Summers Park
Portland, OR


  1. hey how many miles will this be? and do i need to be able to bike fast...? way cool!

  2. Hey Aferika_Beat, It's just over 10 miles, nice relaxed pace, should be manageable for almost any level cyclist. We hope to see you there!

  3. Suggestion for one of your stops next year: