Sunday, June 21, 2009

new Mobile Religious Equipment for Sunday Parkways ride

In Vancouver BC in the late 1990s we had a "santa sled" or "chariot" trailer that we used in the Critical Mass rides. It was two 10-speeds bolted together with wood and steel, with a 2-person bench in the middle. Bicyclists were harnessed up using an elaborate string of old inner tubes, and the whole thing moved as a unit down the road. We'd also take it out for parties and fun rides. We put a lot of miles on it, and communed together on the Bicycle Holy Days in Canada.

Now we've made another one here in Vancouver WA. Pasture Ted, Grand Master Morgan, Friar Robbie (visiting from the Davis Bike Church/Collective) and parishoner John Kangas hammered and drilled for a while in Ted and Morgan's backyard and came up with what we hope will be another fine addition to our Mobile Religious Equipment roster.
We'll try out the vehicle (unnamed at present) in tomorrow's Sunday Parkways ride. John measured the width of the Columbia River Bridge sidewalk and found it to be 47.75" at the narrowest point. So we built the new chariot to be ... ... ... 47.75" wide. We'll find out how good John's measurements really are... If it's too wide, we can just lift it out over the railing...

Yours in The Faith,
Pasture Ted


  1. The Pope gets bulletproof glass but I understand you're not that popular yet. Cool that a bicycle can become an ATM - Anything That Moves. I had a dream that I was pulling a semi trailer with my 1-speed bicycle. I didn't have permission to sub the bike for the truck and was worried about being late. Fortunately I made it on time then had to wait forever for my next load.

  2. I wonder how many single speeds it would take...

    I have a feeling that we could sub (even though I have no idea what that means) the rig with about 15-20 ten speeds, on flat ground.