Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson

The King of Pop passed away today. His music is here to stay.

With just a few hours to work with between his passing and the meet-up time, Sir Jonathan Maus of and some friends managed to scrape together one hell of a memorial ride, which went down this evening.

About 75 people were in attendance as we rolled through the streets with no fewer than 4 bumping sound systems paying tribute to the king. The ride finished at the Alberta Street Last Thursday street fair flash-mob style, as we danced for, and drew in throngs of onlookers.

What does Michael Jackson have to do with cycling? Maybe Deacon Amos' Eulogy (performed pre-ride to the group) will shed some light on it.

If you don't buy that, I'm sure we can all agree that the impact of Michael Jackson on society was huge, and he will be missed.

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  1. MJ was an athlete of sorts. His dance moves were new and different. I think this connects with the bike temple. You're both athletic and creative. Michael was never among my favorites but I liked his songs and appreciated his talent.