Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shrine Construction, Day III

It was a bit of a slow day at the shrine shop today, yours truly slept in, the others were busy but lacked frames.
In the end, we finished the design (4 kids bikes together in pyramid-fashion on top), helped Fred move some rather large pieces of roof, pushed Jethro around on the swing, and probably a few other things. The four kids bikes will hold a shaft for mounting extra-tall goodies when parked, but not add to high-level weight when moving. Like a pennyfarthing wheel, a spire, a flagpole, etc.
We're mostly done with design, next we need to
* build a bench for the operator
* devise a steering system
* devise a towing system
* finish the top
* test ride it a bit and see if it works okay
* decorate it! Incense, candles, pictures of martyrs and saints, proto-saints, glow tubes, postcards, sacred bike bits, glitter, streamers, etc. Want to help, or have something to contribute? Drop us a line or come to the work party next week!

Yours in The Faith,
Pasture Ted

p.s. Thanks Johnny for the four kids bikes, hope the Lotus Seed bike-dome-building goes well today!

p.p.s. We were appalled at how much the kids' bikes frames weighed. 15-20 lbs each! For the frame! What are the Wal-Mart engineers thinking? For a 40 lb kid, that's like driving a tank. Or the equivalent would be an 90 lb frame for a 180 lb man...

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