Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Poem from the Kernal - Crude Addiction

The Bike Temple now presents the finale to our series of poetry. A heartfelt thanks goes out to Moses, who is both the Author of these great works, and a fellow conspirator of the Bike Temple.

Crude Addiction

As long as we ride in yesterdays memory

Never will we see the future's symmetry.

Pretending the yolk is simple and light

We travel under assumed delight—

Moving so much, moving so fast

A yolk of slavery, our spell is cast.

And our tired excuse of disability

Will not grant us liberty

From our responsibility

To pay for what we take

With utmost concern for each others' sake.

The way we live and what we leave behind,

Dictate our destiny in this travel through time.

Last night i had the strangest dream

About a most curious machine:

We were sucking her guts for the drug we loved so much,

As we sucked her dry, the sky turned black.

Then all of a sudden was a thunderous clap.

Her body contorted with shaking of limbs,

with furious anger she rose to life again.

We all ran in fear i was sure we'd all die,

When the sky ripped open—a blast from on high.

Angels came forth proceeding a throne,

A brilliant golden radiance was shone . . .

Upon the seat was not a being,

but a glorious two wheeled thing.

Do you have any original bike-related works you would like to share with us? A song, video, poem, or piece of art that you would like to see on the Bike Temple blog? let us know at biketemple{a}

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