Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thousands Healed by the Bike Temple at Portland's Sunday Parkways

The Bike Temple has just wrapped up a very blessed day here in the bicycle holy land. Pasture Ted, Deacon Amos, Kernal Loose Nut, Josh, Halley, Padre Joe, and several members and followers made the intersection at NE 17th and Going a very spiritual and bike loving place.

We brought out the mobile shrine, of course, which recieved ooos, ahhs, and plenty of photo sessions by the passing throng of thousands (over 20k?) of cyclists, walkers, stroller pushers, skateboarders, rollerbladers. As the riders took the turn to follow the coarse they were welcomed to this sacred place by the soothing and skilled music of Halley the Harper,
our holy harpist on-site.

Just past Halley the Holy Harper riders were greeted by an authentic church pew that we borrowed from the Lotus Seed Ashram and planted under a shade tree for all to enjoy. A few feet from the pew riders were greeted by this...

The role of the priest was played throughout the day by Padre Joe, Pasture Ted, and for a few glorious minutes, member Chris (Fool) Mccraw, who all did a wonderful job of both blessing and cooling off passersby.

It was certainly a blessed day in Portland. I have never seen so many people on bikes, and I have never seen so many smiling faces... coincidence?

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