Monday, November 9, 2009

Bike Temple meeting tonight

Bike Temple meetings are now on a schedule! Every other Monday at 8:00 pm, at Pasture Ted's house, 60 NE Tillamook St. Come at 7:30 for refreshment and chitchat.

Tonight we'll talk about
* Our November service -- Sunday the 22nd
* Open Night -- report on how its working, how many weddings, healings, funerals, miracles, demons cast out, etc.
* Report on the modern miracle of the Bike Shrine at St. Stephens? (Maybe a monthly noonish pilgrimage is on order for those who work downtown)
* I dunno, more Joy of Sects?
* Probably some other stuff
and maybe
* sampling of different ciders for December communion

Come if you can. Are are welcome -- we might be a bit quirky but we're not exclusive. Or if we are, someone should tell us so so we can figure out how to open up a bit.

Luv 'n kisses
Pasture Ted and the rest of the clergy

(BTW, that's Deacon Amos in the photo, displaying Tract re II.0 at an epic summer Temple meeting at BillyRae's Dive)

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