Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bike Temple on KBOO today -- Tune in to Kernal Loose Nut

The Bike Temple and Bike Farm will be on KBOO's bicycle show, today at 11:00am. Tune in at 90.7 fm or go online to

Kernal Loose Nut will be talking about the Bike Temple, faith in bicycles, and whatever other bicycle or religious topics wander along.

The Kernal will also discuss the new "Five by Fifteen" initiative -- a proposal to have 5% of Portland's asphalt
(search for "Five by Fifteen" at for more details.

See the comments section to for details on downloading the show after it has been broadcast.


  1. Another reminder -- the Bike Temple will be open tonight, 6 - 8:30, for the blessing and healing of bikes.

    Tonight's host is none other than The Kernal himself, so if the show inspires you to come worship at the temple, marry your bike, or get The Kernal's autograph, you're in luck!

    Yours in The Faith,
    Pasture Ted

  2. Chris Smith's summary from

    "Elly and Sara talk with members of the Bike Temple and Bike Farm, two Portland-based community resource centers on a mission to support your spiritual and earthly bike needs."

  3. Great! Check out Chris Smith's Podcast if you want to listen to it (next post).