Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mobile Religious Equipment -- what to do with a Pedicab?

I have a reed organ that I've wanted to put on some Mobile Religious Equipment, so we could make some great churchy music on bike rides. I've been mulling a trailer, but last night I was at the Portland Pedicab shops at a signmaking party. I noted that all pedicabs were parked for the winter, and it occured to me we might borrow one for an organmobile.

(Photo from TPapi's photostream on Flickr)

I asked Ryan (Mr. Pedicab) about it, he said, um, he'd be happy to *give* us one of his older pedicabs. There were some of an inferior design (Yap?) that he doesn't really like, and he needs to unload at least one of them. No bench, just a giant tricycle with a cargo bed in back, and a drivetrain in need of some love.

So, one pedicab potentially headed our way. It won't fit the organ (I don't think), but what else could we do?
* Mobile Preacher stand?
* Bike hauling vehicle?
* Musical performance vehicle?
* ???

Your in The Faith,
Pasture Ted

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