Saturday, February 6, 2010

"There's a Pedal-Powered Goddess in the Sky"

Lee Henderson, the "Fossilosopher," is in the Holy Bike City of Portland OR for a couple weeks, he's visiting his son while his own city descends into a month of martial law for the winter Olympics.

I met Lee in the late 1990s in Vancouver BC, he was part of All Things Bicycle there, from the co-op bike shop Our Community Bikes to the bicycle advocacy group B.E.S.T. to the homespun "Dinosaurs Against Fossil Fuels" bicycle activist dance troupe. A lesser known credit is that Lee was one of the movers behind :"Bikesummer 2001" in Vancouver, which inspired "Bikesummer 2002" here in Portland and the creation of "Shift2Bikes."

Lee is an inspirational character, an organizer, and an ardent believer in bicycles. The results of Lee's efforts helped motivate me and my peeps out at UBC to start the UBC Bike Co-op and Bike Kitchen, and probably motivated a lot of other people, too.

Singing is one of Lee's many pastimes, and he had composed a series of lyrics to popular songs based on bicycle worship, which contributed to the formulation of my own beliefs about bicycles, religion, and the possibility of organized bicycle religion.

So I was delighted, Wednesday, when who should pop into the temple but Lee himself. We chatted, he caught me up on news from Vancouver, and he performed for us in the shop, singing "There's a Pedal-Powered Goddess in the Sky" for Josh Gould and myself.

Video on facebook: --- ---

So, cheers to Lee, welcome to your home-away-from-home in P-town, and may you and your fellow believers enjoy blessings from the Pedal Powered Godess in the Sky!

Yours in The Faith
Pasture Ted

Go Dinos!

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