Thursday, April 15, 2010

Work Party, Sunday 2-6pm

Believers, Skeptics, and Apostates --

We're having a Work Party this Sunday, 2 - 6pm, to set up a temporary Bicycle Healing Facility in my basement. Come on over and have a good time. Bring friends, snacks, donations (parts or tools) or just bring yourself.

We originally set up the Healing Facility (AKA "shop") at the Lotus Seed at NE 9th and Going, and had regular Wednesday Night services throughout the winter. Now, while we wait for our next Church Basement Invitation, we're setting up at 60 NE Tillamook St (between Williams and MLK). While it's not a church, it's a great location, because
  • It's at a nexus of the major bikeways in the N and NE. Anyone going from downtown to NE goes by here, same with SE to N.
  • It's in a the middle of a community bike shop void. The Temple was right near CCC and Bike Farm. Tillamook and Williams is 1.5 miles from the nearest shops where you can use tools -- equidistant from City Bikes (SE 7th and Ankeny), N Portland BikeWorks (N Mississippi and Failing), Bike Farm (NE Wygant and Garfield).
  • There's great outdoor workspaces for the summer.
Come by any time between 2 and 6, and you can
  • prime and paint tool racks
  • mount tools on racks
  • paint file cabinets
  • label and fill file cabinets
  • install hooks for frames and wheels
  • bolt down wheel truing stand
  • set up extension cord and overhead fluorescent lights
  • paint a new mural for the wall?
  • etc.
Yours in The Faith, br>
Pasture Ted


  1. Podium ('cause I know you love a race for the top spot). Where are you Ant1?