Friday, May 7, 2010

Sunny Friday Fun!

It's a beautiful Friday! If you haven't already made plans and are looking for a way to take advantage of the weather while it's still nice, a few of us from the Temple will be meeting up with the SEVEN WONDERS OF VANCOUVER RIDE & ART WALK happening today.

Ever wonder what's going on in our neighbor to the north, or simply just how to bike there? Join us, as we explore The 'Couve, Portland's hat!

Seven Wonders of Vancouver & Art Walk
Fri, May 7 5:45pm Peninsula Park Gazebo N Ainsworth & N Albina
Other Meetups: Paul Bunyan after 6pm & Old Apple Tree Park in Vancouver 6:30ish

Dress up (glitzy dress, flashy suits, arty flare ) and get on your bike - we are heading to Downtown Vancouver for the monthly First Friday Arts Walk! On the Way, Carye Bye will take you to see her "7 Wonders of Vancouver". Then we'll stop by art openings including, Sixth Street Gallery & Angst Gallery.
Other Meet up spots: On our way out of Portland, We'll stop at Kenton's Paul Bunyan just after 6pm if you want to take MAX to Denver. And at 6:30ish we'll gather any Vancouverites at Old Apple Tree Park. Return about 9pm. If you've never been to Vancouver by Bike, this is a great event to learn how! We will also have a chance to stop to get a quick meal/snack.

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