Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Counting the Faithful

Want to help make the bicycle holy land even holier? It's time to count your many bicyclings!

Once again Portland will be conducting it's annual summer-fall bicycle count making use of our most precious of resources: YOU!

Portland collects some of the best data on bicycle use in the country and it's all because of the tremendous support we get from volunteers. As anybody who's done a count in past years will tell you--it's fun! It requires only two hours of your time and the information you collectively provide us is invaluable.


This year we will hope to collect data at more than 140 locations throughout Portland. That will require the participation of a lot of people. Because there is a specific protocol to follow, and because we want to make sure we're collecting data from when and where we need it, we offer a brief training for new volunteers. It involves pizza and soda, is informative and fun and is mandatory if you haven't counted before.

To see how we've used the data, look at our past reports here (count reports on left side of page)


All new volunteers must attend the training. This year we'll be holding a one-hour training at The Portland Building (1120 SW 5th Ave) in Room C (second floor) beginning at 6:00pm. It may take less than an hour and we'll be serving pizza and soda.

PLEASE RSVP! (Just shoot Roger Geller a quick note and when you do, let us know what type of pizza you prefer)

We'd prefer to have only one training, but if you really can't make it let us know and we'll work with you to get you trained.


If you counted for us in previous years and would like to do so again, just let us know and we'll send you the forms. What you need to tell us is:

Which location(s) you counted last year
Which location(s) you'd like to count this year
When you'll complete the counts

Even if you counted in previous years you are, of course, welcome to join us for pizza and soda.

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