Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Meeting Minutes, Oct 25 2010

Brief meeting report --

In attendance (in order of appearance) --
* Scott
* Pasture Ted
* Deacon Amos
* Buddah Bill
* Bro. Taddeas

Agenda Items Discussed --

* New space. Decided we want a space for ritual and community, with or without bicycle healing. Bicycle healing would be good, though. St. Stephens doesn't have a basement for healing, but basement could still be used for crafts, storage, meetings, etc. Buddah and Bro. T both thought a West Side location would be good, we discussed the merits of each -- West Side has relatively few bicycle community services and a Temple space would be well utilized. But North/Northeast, while it has bike shops, lacks lots more services, and has a lot of church basements.
- Continue to look into 8th and Failing Church (Pasture)
- Talk to St. Stephens, (Buddah and Bro. T)

* Service. We talked about temple "services" like dinners, and community "service" like helping folks out. Got a bit jumbled. We're going to have a Thanksgiving Service. We'll ask at 8th and Failing and St. Stephens, see if anyone wants to sponsor us. Pasture and Decon reported a successful community service event at parishoner Adam's shop. Thinking 4th weekend of the month for one type of service or another.

* Sects Rides. Generally monogamous, since its the rainy season.
Tentatively planning for
- Jehovahs' Witnesses for Nov 7, Bro. T. will look into it.
- Buddah wants to plan a Big Church to visit in early December, Scott suggested Presbyterian on Ash or a big on on the Park blocks.
- Scott is planning a choral/Christmas service ride, multiple sects on one night.
- Hanukkah ride -- ask Rabbi or Kernal? 2nd annual!

* Movies
Sister Carye is going to something on Wednesday night, sounded interesting, we'll encourage her to advertise through the Temple. Scott suggested screening Brother Sun Sister Moon and other 1970s-era religious documentaries. Also suggested Fiddler on the Roof or Dr. Jivago (sp?) for Jewish themes. We decided to do it, but no further action taken just yet. Talk to Grand Master Morgan about using his house.

* Memorial Services
We talked about offering some basic services if a bicyclist dies, like a 5 minute ceremony, doing a moment of silence, distributing bike bells, etc. All agreed that they'd like to have this, and that other people might too. Work on other possibilities, have a subgroup meet with Rev. Phil in a couple weeks to discuss further.

Meeting adjourned 8pm
Comments, corrections welcome
Yours in The Faith,
Pasture Ted


  1. I shoulda called you to do a healing on ME, after my bike accident two weeks ago. Ugh.

    Oh, and in terms of the choral ride: Sounds awesome. If you can, make the Grotto your last stop. They have choruses singing in the church (fabulous acoustics) every night, plus a huge light display, and a petting zoo, and people acting out the Christmas story. It's really neat, if a tad bike-unfriendly and out of the way.

  2. Regarding memorial ceremonies: I was at a one year anniversary memorial in 1999 for a woman who was killed by a motor-vehicle on her bike in the street there. We all stood in a circle in the intersection - maybe 40 people - holding hands and some candles IIRC and Jason Meggs spray painted a bicycle angel... Wow, I still have the link to the flyer: http://www.bikesexual.org/cm/pic/flyers/net/ANGEL.gif ... so it used that image. And it was surprisingly peaceful given we corked the intersection for 20 minutes. This may be more intense of a memorial than you would sometimes want but it was very nice then.