Monday, November 22, 2010

Epic Snow Storm Ride Recap and Photos!

Thanks to everyone who came out for tonight's epic snow ride at the last minute. I know it was cold and trudging your way through all that snow pack wasn't easy, but I hope everyone had fun. Here is a quick little recap and photo set to remember the ride by, and to make those who weren't there a little jealous :)

Around 45 people gathered at the Vera Katz statue on the Eastbank Esplanade just as the first flakes began to drop, we warmed ourselves with fresh-baked cookies and conversation for a few minutes but decided it would be best to get ready to roll quickly, as it soon became obvious that the magnificent snow storm the weatherpeople had been predicting for the past 2 weeks was upon us. I assembled the group around the statue for this quick photo before we rode out, just as the blizzard began piling up around us...

We quickly hit the road, the riders were all very confident and skilled and I'm pleased to report that we had only one minor fall, and nobody was hurt. We slipped and slid our way down the esplanade and soon arrived at our first stop, OMSI. By this time the snow flurries were so thick that it was nearly impossible to see, but we got off this picture just in time...

After leaving we rode east toward Mount Tabor. Here is a pic I snapped of us struggling to see through the snowstorm as we crossed Sandy Blvd...

And here we are making snow angels in the thick of the blizzard on Mount Tabor...

Oh, Al. You are such a goofball...

We decided to wrap things up with a stop off at Roots for some great organic beer and food, where we stayed for several hours enjoying eachother's company. I took this picture just after the snow storm knocked out the power in the area...

I hope everyone had a great time, I know I did. I'm sure glad I listened to the Portland forecasts and went out and enjoyed the weather. It wasn't just the same old rainy and cold night like we usually get, that's for sure!

Our departing group shot as we left Green Dragon...
...Oh, Al!


  1. Wow.. and I thought Roots was closed ;)

  2. I can't see any of those pictures. They're all white except 2 and one is comletely black.

  3. Apparently the snow isn't the only thing that went over people's heads.

  4. You forgot to thank me for the 12 gallons of apple cider that I mulled with cinnamon from my own tree, and lugged 10 miles to Vera Katz for the ride, but that's OK, I know you meant to.

  5. Oh yes, Jill, of course! Had it not been for your cider jugs we wouldn't have been able to build that impromptu avalanche shelter.

  6. Yeah, Amos, I meant to talk to you about the avalanche shelter. Everything worked out fine, but you might think of getting some kind of liability insurance for these rides. I mean, just because you have a shelter doesn't mean you have to start an avalanche. I guess next time I'll bring non-alcoholic cider.