Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Take off church, the Lord will understand.

This just in from the Vatican:

Woman skipped church to ride her bike and the Lord understood.

Clara McDaniel of San Francisco, took her four grand children to Sunday Streets, an event similar to Ciclovia and Sunday Parkways. She had an epiphany and realized the Lord would probably understand and forgive her for attending this event, rather than church.

Merideth May of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote:
Modeled on a 30-year-old program in South America, the Embarcadero was closed to cars from AT&T Park to Aquatic Park from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday Streets is designed to get families off the couch, and also to connect San Franciscans with neighborhood merchants in traditional tourist areas.Mayor Gavin Newsom kicked off the Sunday Streets program last year, twice shutting down six miles of bayfront roads and turning them into pavement party zones. Tens of thousands of Bay Area residents participated, and it was so popular it will grow this year to six Sundays, each in a different neighborhood.

Brent Begin wrote in the SF Examiner -
Where merchants had once complained that the Sunday Streets initiative would kill their business. Those complaints died down this year, however, after merchants were able to offer input on a suitable date. With five more closures set for the rest of the year in different parts of The City, Mayor Gavin Newsom’s efforts may meet resistance again. But this time, the few complaints were drowned out by bicycle bells and laughter.

It's a good way to lift the economy (and your spirits) a little bit.

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  1. My friend from Mexico City calls this Cyclomania. I like it.