Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lost Sheep

A recent discussion on the Shift list has got me thinking about the misinformed and misguided.   One difficult topic that has come up in the past has been whom, if anybody, would not be welcome at the Bike Temple (for example, the question was raised; "what if they ride electric assist bikes or mopeds?")  That having been said, The Bike Temple is and has always been about broad acceptance of all kinds of people, as long as they believe in the bicycle, and that it is an important and effective tool against evil.

There are many different angles to look at everything and it is impossible to draw a perfect line between good and bad.  For example, what do you do when a person has so much energy and excitement about the cause, but their actions only seem to hurt it?  How about one who uses the resources of the movement to push their own personal agenda?

These problems are not new, but they often must be re-examined due to changes in circumstance.  I expect the Bike Temple to excel at finding solutions to problems like these.  We are a group of all kinds of people with different vantage points, hopefully creating a more equel and balanced audience.  

Note:  No, there are no problems like these within the Bike Temple, if you were wondering.  This is all based on a certian person who is active in an unrelated forum and his/her recent misguided attempts at creativity.

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