Monday, May 18, 2009

Mobile Religious Equipment: Day 1

May 18th was a glorious, light filled day at the shrine-making workshop, and the Temple Shrine grew from a one-tier chassis build by the angel Gabriel into a two-framed tall structure. Moses operated the welder with pleasure and flair, while the others fussed around with grinding off paint, scrounging parts, and helping hold the contraption together. We knew one weld in particular had to be particularly effective when the paint was still smoking (with Josh's approval) a full minute after Moses had finished the weld.

We took particular pleasure in a matched pair of black frames at the rear of the shrine, male and female, joined at the seat (bottom photo between Pasture Ted and Deacon Amos). And a cute girls' "Miss Lilac" frame up front, with genuine unicorns on each side of the front fork.

A debate ensued as to how self-powered and self-steered the shrine should be. Should it have a rider to ballast the base and steer and brake? Or a rider/pedaller so the shrine could be self powered? In the end, no firm decision was made, but there is room for a low-slung rider if we build a bench.

In a moment of need, a runner went over to the local bike shop on Williams and Thompson to try to score a seatpost for the wedded frames in back. We not only scored a seat post, but an entire forest green Huffy, just waiting to be converted from an Anti-Bike to holy material. John at the shop also promised us some new mountain bike frames, which can be used in the shrine or built up with wheels to provide holy transportation for parishoners. 

Pasture Ted

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