Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Very Blessed Weekend

The members of the Bike Temple have been diligently working on and enjoying the many sacred practices and rituals of the bicycle community this weekend.  Some great times were had and some wonderful people met.

We started off on Friday with a visit to the Lotus Seed Ashram (Grand Master Morgan and Pasture Ted stayed in Vancouver to show off some fine bike art), where they were presenting the community's first ever Bike Show.  The event was a blast, starting off with an 
immaculate performance by The Sprockettes (possibly their first ever Church Building performance), followed by some great music, which at one point included involving the crowd by handing out kid's toy instruments and stuffed toys to be rhythmically battered and beaten in a marvelous cacophony of sound.  A few of us rounded out the night with an awesome rock show by local favorite, Tango Alpha Tango, and some communion at Crow Bar.

Today the Bike Temple was represented at the Blessing of the Bikes, where a Catholic Priest blessed and sprinkled with holy water the cycles of commuters, police, children and roadies alike.  Moses was even able to get his Zoobomber blessed, to help ward off any unfortunate experiences on the hill.
After the Blessing of the Bikes we went for a dry-run of next week's Joy of Sects Ride to iron out travel routes and times.  I can't tell you how excited I am for this ride.  Everything is looking great and, following some finishing touches to the Mobile Shrine, we are well prepared.  After the dry run we stopped back in at the Lotus Seed and had some wonderful conversation with the people there.  We are looking forward to introducing them and their work to you.  They will be involved in the Joy of Sects Ride, but the details are still a secret.

All in all it was a very blessed week.  This town and it's people are doing some great things, and we feel fortunate to be a part of them.

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  1. Hi. I'm the man who was blessed to watch Deacon Amos grow up in my home. I too have a blog, . Though it lacks the high ideals of the bike temple blog, it can be fun to read at times. Ride on. Hunter.