Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Germany Loves the Bike Temple

The Bike Temple has been invited to submit a documentary for the “International Cycling Video Festival”, in Herne, Germany.

We're excited about this, but our resident videographer, Grand Master Morgan, is away for the summer, and the deadline is August 15th.

Are there people out there that might like to work on this project with us? We have an hour or two of existing footage, a lot of stills, and a half dozen clergy and parishoners excited to talk about our belief in bicycles and what it means to us. We can shoot more footage of ourselves, but none of us have editing experience. So if someone comes forward and wants to help us on the project, they would have an opportunity at international exposure and credit as well as helping to save souls!

Note that isn't the first bit of interest from the Germans about the Bike Temple -- we were featured in the Rad-Spannerei blog last week

Original Email:

Once a year our Cycling Club – Team Hollandse Frietjes – organizes the “International Cycling Video Festival”, in Herne, Germany. One of its purposes is to strengthen the international cooperation in terms of cycling and cycling culture. Thus, what do you think about contributing a video about your biketemple initiative? We would be VERY delighted if you would contribute to our Festival. We are allways keen on extraordinary issues like that! By the way, you can clean up the award "Goldene Kurbel" - Golden Crank, something like the Oscar of the cycling video scene. It would be nice to have you aboard!

All information via The next festival will take place in a couple of weeks, beginning of October 2009.

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