Monday, July 27, 2009

Looking for religion? The masterlist...

While searching for information on a certain Methodist church for Sunday's "Joy of Sects" ride, I came across the motherlode of information on Portland churches.

I know nothing about 'Mission Portland," but I sure like their database! The column on the left has a list of denominations/other categories, and if you click any one of them you get a huge list of all their facilities in Greater Portland.

Pasture Ted

** Next Joy of Sects ride, Sunday Aug 2nd, featuring "Sects Outdoors" followed by a picnic lunch**


  1. Whoops, make that **Sunday, Aug 2nd**

  2. I wonder what category they'll put the Bike Temple in?

    Or maybe they just won't list it. I see they've left Mormons and JWs off the list. Any other outfits not make the cut?

    & thanks to Deacon Amos for fixing the date.

    Pasture Ted