Monday, August 24, 2009

Ideas for Upcoming Bike Temple Events

At our Bike Temple member's meeting last Wednesday we talked about what kind of events and programs we could organize that fit within the realm of the Temple's mission. Our past events, like the Joy of Sects Ride, Sunday Parkways Proselytizing, and Various types of evangelical missions have proven successful, but slightly limited.We would like to expand the idea of Bike Temple Events to include more community outreach, mission, and fun. Right now our focus has been primarily aimed at setting up and preparing for the open of the new Bike Temple location, but it is important that we continue to reach out and involve ourselves with the community during that time.

Does anyone have any ideas for events/rides that the Temple could host? Leave any ideas you may have in the comments section, or email us at biketemple{a}

Thanks for your continued support, we are very excited about the upcoming grand opening and we will let you all know the details very soon.

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