Monday, September 21, 2009

Ain't no Party Like a Temple Work Party

This weekend the templers and a few good friends got together to clean, organize, build, paint, and hang out in the Bike Temple's new shop.

The space started out small, dark, and dirty, so we are doing our best to set it up and brighten it up in a way that changes that as much as possible. Josh got an early start on things by coming by earlier in the week and sweeping and vacuuming out the space (not an easy or pleasant task), then at the work party Saturday morning we were blessed to have Bob, a friend of the Temple stop by with tools and materials, soon creating a beautiful and solid work bench to grace the Temple Shop.

After the work bench was installed we set to organizing parts and tools and painting. At the end of day on Saturday we had a few parts of the room and the outside door painted white (although visitors will now find the almost all of the room has been painted, thanks to some free time spent by the Deacon and his lovely wife.)

We are excited that the space is finally starting to look like a usable shop. We are still in need of some tools, a pump or two, more paint, and any parts and pieces you may have laying around. We will announce the next event at the Bike Temple Shop soon.

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  1. Hallelujah!

    And we just got approval for an Oct 9th grand opening party

    Pasture Ted