Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Temple Plans

We had a meeting last night to discuss how to set up shop at the Lotus Seed and where to go next with the temple. In attendance were Deacon Amos, Josh, Halley the Harper, Ryan, and Pasture Ted.

We met on a picnic table in the Lotus Seed/Bike Temple back yard, it was a great evening, and the garden was looking good. Johnny and Mat's bike trailer building operation has moved on, so the place was conspicuously tidy. Not quite as inspiring as it was before, but apparently a tidy yard helps keep the neighbors happy.

We settled on a couple events, details to be worked out
* next meeting, Monday Sept 14th, the restaurant/pub on Williams and Skidmore.
* Work Party at the Lotus Seed, probably Sunday the 20th. Set up a workbench, tool rack, etc.
* Grand Opening of the Bike Temple at the Lotus Seed, either the weekend of the 2nd or the 9th or October, depending on availability of the Lotus Seed facility. A social, potluck, with bike blessings, bike weddings, sermons, whatever other ritual anyone can dream up. And we'll finally decorate the shrine, so bring any relics, trinkets, photos, or other holy artifacts.
* Sometime in Early October, Joy of Sects III, a tour of churches with cool readerboard signs (see http://biketemple.blogspot.com/2009/05/making-sense-of-church-signs.html )

Have ideas, want to come celebrate bikes? Leave us comments, come to the meetings, or post to the blog!

Yours in The Faith,
Pasture Ted

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