Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Report: Meeting of the Clergy

We had a Bike Temple Meeting tonight for the first time in a month or so. A few updates:

* We're now having regular meetings -- so folks can plan ahead for the next meeting. They're 1st and 3rd Monday nights, 8pm, at Pasture Ted and Moses's house, 60 Northeast Tillamook St. We think it would be great if more people got involved -- come if you'd like. It's a cozy little place, and we'll have soup, tea, etc. to warm souls. Next meeting November 9th.

* Grand Master Morgan is back after a summer working with mobility-impaired strawberries -- welcome back!

* Upcoming events -- details to follow, but we're thinking something the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and a Solstice event. And, of course, a bike ride to the unveiling of the Madonna del Ghishallo shrine at St Stephen's Episcopal on Nov 2nd.

* Tithes -- we need to come up with $150/mo to pay rent at our Lotus Seed space, we ministers are able to put in $10-$20/mo, we've had a few other folks pledge and a few angels come along. But to make this operation work, we need
- devotees who are willing to tithe each month (anywhere from $2 to $20 would be great), and
- a paypal-type system where if people make a monthly pledge we can automatically withdraw it each month. (chasing down 10 people for $5 each at the beginning of each month could be a bit of legwork)

* Open Shop!
Now that we have a somewhat functional bike shop, we need volunteers to open it to the public, and public to come heal their bikes. For starters, we'll be open Wednesdays from 6 - 8:30. Josh will host this Wednesday, stop by and make him feel appreciated!
p.s. Moses bought the nifty "Thouroughbred Bike" sculpture from Johnny. Pretty nifty, eh?

Yours in The Faith,

Pasture Ted

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  1. That is a beautiful piece of art, my friend.