Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Portland Shrine will Commemorate Fallen Cyclists

All Souls is the day to remember the dead in Christian tradition. We have named the chapel after the Madonna del Ghishallo, patron of cyclists. The church of the Madonna in Lombardy, Italy, also holds a ceremony on All Souls Day.
St Stephen's Episcopal is planning to install the shrine in the main church with an original painting by Martin Wolf as a focal point. There will be chairs and cushions for meditation, a bank of votive candles to light, and a list of those killed in bike accidents in Portland. We invite visitors, who are welcome to bring flowers or other items to remember the dead, offer support for the safety of riders, and honor the Portland bike community. The church will also be available for memorial services in honor of those who have died in bike accidents.

[Hat Tip to Halleylujah!]

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