Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bikanukkah Ride Recap

Without much help on the publicity end of things from the Temple gang (sorry!) the Kernal and Aaron Tarfman organized a wonderful Bikanukkah Ride tonight, showcasing and touring the finer points of the Jewish holiday.

We started out at the Old Lampoc pub, drinking the special 'Eight Malty Nights' beer as Moses told the story of Chanukah. This was quite the opportunity for those of us unfamiliar with the background and story of the holiday to get to know it a little better and ask questions. After the bar we were greeted by a wonderful sight: the organizers had build a giant trailerable menorah, complete with bike blinky candles!
We towed the Menorah to Voodoo doughnuts, where another surprise awaited. The crew at Voodoo had just put the finishing touches on a platter of Jew-nuts, special for our group, featuring dradles, a menorah, a rabbi, a chai, a few stars of David, and, let's not forget, a penis mid-circumcision.After we had feasted on candles and pastry foreskin we made our way to the Pasture's Ranch, where finished off a great evening by playing dradles and eating latkes.

It was a wonderful time. Hopefully this will become a new Portland tradition and bicycle holy day for us all to enjoy!

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