Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Joy of Monogamous Sects" -- ride this Sunday

Join the Bike Temple this Sunday on our first "Monogamous Sects" ride to a Sunday Service at the First Presbyterian Church. Sunday, Jan 10th, 2010.

"Monogamous Sects" rides will be a ride to visit a single Portland church and attend a regular worship service, then ride on to another venue for lunch to discuss the service. (These differ from the popular "Joy of Sects" rides where we visit several different churches in quick succession).

We chose the Presbyterians for the first ride because we went there on the Christmas Eve Joy of Sects ride and had a great time, and they suggested we return for this service because the hand bell choir will be performing again. It's a terrific venue, the building is large, grand, and about 130 years old. It's made of wood -- all wood, big beams, bony pews, shiplap ceilings, wood floors, so there's plenty of eye candy even if you don't fancy listening to the service.

After the service we'll adjourn to a restaurant and talk about the service.

The pace will be slow or very slow, total distance about 4 miles.

Feeling shy? No worries, come anyway, there's usually about 10 people on our rides, and a couple of those are new each time.

10:00 -- meet at Pasture Ted's house for snacks and socializing. 60 NE Tillamook St (just north of Rose Quarter)
10:30 -- ride
11:00 -- service begins
12:10 service ends, ride to restaurant
12:30 - 1:30 discuss/debrief/decompress/socialize


A few other notes:

Church info:
* http://www.firstpresportland.org/
* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Presbyterian

* Despite the racy name, the ride/service are family friendly, and probably a bit dull. (We like racy names to keep ourselves amused).

Purpose? Why do we do these rides?
* Cultural exchange -- see what happens inside Portland's churches.
* For those that kinda like religion but don't want full immersion, you can visit a few churches and talk about it with other folks.
* Model for a bicycle religion -- what would a bicycle religion look like? What rituals/activities/social services would we like to adopt from conventional religion?

For more info, post on the message board or contact Pasture Ted at 530-848-3615 (not a 503 #), or email ted101 at gmail.

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  1. We'll be having these rides on the 2nd Sunday of each month for the forseeable future. So put it on your calender, and if you'd like to lead a ride, or suggest a venue, drop us a line.