Sunday, January 10, 2010

Recap: Joy of Monogamous Sects #1

Today marked the first of our new spin-off Joy of Sects ride, the Joy of Monogamous Sects. As with our original JOS rides, the JOMS is intended to take people to different churches or houses of worship by bike, allow them to witness what a religion and congregation is all about, and make decisions for themselves. Because this is a monogamous ride, today's tour included only one house of worship: The 1st Presbyterian Church of Portland, Oregon.

Our modest group started the morning off at the Pastures Ranch at NE Tillamook and Rodney with some Tea and conversation. Once all of the willing were ready, we rode over the Broadway bridge and into downtown, the church's steeple leading us the entire way.

The services were interesting and fulfilling, even those faint-of-spirit were intrigued by the 30 person choir, the bell choir, oboe, and all the pomp and ritual of any self-respecting god-fearing christian congregation. The architecture of the building is amazing inside and out. The church offers tours and information about their building for those who are interested.

One idea we came up with today is to start a directory of houses of worship based on our JOS experiences and informs those who choose to cycle to church about how bike-friendly each location and group is. More will come of this idea hopefully soon, but to kick it off, here are some specifics about the 1st Presbyterian Church that should be of help to those who make the trip by bike on Sunday Morning

  • Total designated bicycle parking spaces: 18 (These are easy to miss, but once you find them, you're in for a treat. They are located in the church's lavish 3 story under-ground parking facility toward the back of each floor. Designed to hang 6 bikes each, these racks are lockable and each mounted below a security camera, away from passers-by and the elements.)
  • Total designated auto parking spaces: 150
  • Total people in attendance at todaly's services: 150
  • Number of cars driven to services: estimated 100-150
  • Total number of bicycles ridden to today's services (not including those brought by the JOS riders): 0
  • Mentions during services of "alternative transport" options: 0
  • Mentions during services of community or environmental responsibility: 0
  • Average age of attendee: 50
Hopefully we can find a way to neatly compile and organize this data and other notes we take on this ride, as well as give members of these groups an opportunity to add their own feedback. If anyone has any experience in the collection and displaying of group data such as this, and would like to contribute to this project, please feel free to contact us.

Until next month!

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