Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Join us for another Joy of Monogamous Sects!

The Bike Temple is pleased to announce another edition if its popular Joy of Monogamous Sects rides, each JOMS ride features a bicycle ride to visit a new and different house of worship in Portland, followed by discussion and review at a nearby watering hole.

This is a respectful visit to an established place of religion, in most cases this will be the first visit for everyone in the group.

This month's ride: Realizing the Humanist Ideal
A visit to a meeting of the Portland Secular Humanists. More info about this group can be found here.

February 21st 9:15am
Random Order, NE 18th and Alberta.

We will then ride to the Friendly House at 26th and Thurman, the festivities start at 10:00.

Those festivities being: "Realizing the Humanist Ideal" From the description on the calendar:

Realizing the Humanist Ideal presented by Steve Jacobs Like all philosophies and religions, Humanism exists to solve human problems. The Humanist manifestos define the philosophy in terms of a worldview, the values derived from that worldview, and a method “established for realizing a satisfactory life”. The method (the focus of this presentation) is embodied in the set of processes Humanists use to define their worldview, establish their positions, and evolve their philosophy. How well Humanists and Humanist organizations embrace and hone these processes will determine the degree to which they can realize their ideals.

Then perhaps on to New Old Lompoc at 23rd and Raleigh?

Any route advice between the Broadway Bridge and 26th/Thurman? I can navigate on my own, but I'd prefer to have a clue if I might be leading a group!


  1. As soon as you come off the Broadway bridge in to the Pearl, you want to make your first right off of Lovejoy. Lovejoy shows no love nor joy to cyclists, only to cars, streetcars and peds. Soo... R on NW 9th. L on Overton. R on 26th to Thurman. WARNING I haven't ridden this route but I am in the area frequently and this seems like a safer way to go :)

  2. Cool, thanks for the advice, Duwerk.

  3. I wish so bad I still lived in Portland :(