Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kernal Loose Nut needs assistance over the next month

Kernal Loose Nut, AKA Moses, is recovering from knee surgury, and needs some help over the next couple weeks.

Said knee was injured on the World Naked Bike ride last summer, when he was attempting the "Triple Crown" tour -- riding in all 3 naked bike rides that day, a full naked metric century of 100km.

Unfortunately, halfway through Ride 2, the Leif Erikson Trail ride, his magic chopper had a little trouble on the off-road conditions, and a torn ACL was the result. Since then he's been hobbling a bit until his medical coverage finally came through and repaired it.

He and I met by chance on Rodney St today (Street of Dreams for old wooden churches) and he's doing pretty well, scooting around the neighborhood on one leg on his zoombomb Barbie bike.

In the meantime, The Kernal needs rides, sofas, $, snacks, visitors, etc. Join the service movement "Friends of Mo" on Facebook at!/group.php?gid=110118735684649 or email with anything you can help with.

Two photos from that glorious and fateful day --

Riding in the Mississippi Street Parade, photo from Many more photos at

Photo of The Kernal patching his front tire at Salmon St. Fountain toward the end of Ride #1.

Cheers to The Kernal, hope your recovery will be short and complete!



  1. Thank you Pasture!

    i am in some help need but am still figuring my the help-coordinating website, but info will be up there by the end of today. And, you can always facebook me or call 503-453-9937

    Thanks Again,

  2. Additional photo from