Monday, April 12, 2010

Meeting of the Clergy

We had the first meeting in a couple weeks last night, minutes as follows:

Attending: (in order of appearance): Grand Master Morgan, Deacon Amos, Pasture Ted, Josh, Lauren, Kernal Loose Nut, Gypsy. Called to order at about 7:40PM, Pasture Ranch.

Item 1: Trip to Vancouver BC Mormon Temple tour:

We're on for April 23 - 26. Pasture Ted will find lodging, will notify folks in Vancouver BC to get some of them on the Temple Trip. Lauren will contact BC:Clettes for lodging and publicity. Amos will send info to Bike Portland. Ted and Amos only confirmed attendees thus far.

Item 2: Community Outreach, Grand Master Morgan:

Morgan noted that there are good opportunities for the Temple to be more involved in the community. Like Bike Portland posted a link to a guy who was the victim of a hit and run, and how he needed a new bike. Morgan posted that he'd be happy to give a donated bike a tuneup at the temple.

We discussed the "Tracy Sparling Ghost Bike" dedication at the Episcopal? church bike shrine on Tuesday, Halley the Harpist may have a connection to see if we'd could participate, like move the ghost bike from 13th and Burnside to the church on one of Rabbi Aarons SuperSchlepper trailers. Halley will get back to us.

Item 3: Upcoming stuff:

Deacon Amos noted that since we were nominated for an Alice Award (yay!) we should make sure we do some cool stuff between now and June 5.

  • Ted will to a Joy of Monogamous Sects ride for April
  • Morgan may do a Mono Sects ride to the Food Church in May
  • We'll think about making something to donate to the Alice Award Auction.
  • Joy of Sects coming up again on June 15 or so.
  • Maybe a "Joy of Missionary Sects" ride?

Item 4: Pedalpalooza

Deacon Amos reported that Jeff has run a $10 helmet operation at Multnomah County Bike Fair for the last could years, and he's ready to move on. He can hand us the operation. We figured this would be a good idea. It was noted that we had lots of ideas of Exorcisms and stuff last year but what with shrine moving it didn't happen. Helmets would give us a good excfuse to have a booth, get a good name for ourselves, do some community outreach. Amos will call Jeff and see about taking voer the operation.

Item 5: Temple Shop

All the temple shop stuff is now in Pasture Ted's basement. We could try to help out at Bike Farm or find a new church, but it makes sense to open up a shop here for the time being. Amos suggested we talk to the PORT people 2 doors down on Tillamook who are running a farm to see if we can set up an outdoor operation at their farm, in a big tent or something.

Pasture Ted said he'd write up a contract, with the basic elements of
  • $50 monthly rent
  • Access one week night, one weekend day
  • Access to bathroom and all that stuff, keep things clean, sweep the floor, take out the trash
  • Clergy can stop by during the day anytime to drop stuff off, pick stuff up, but shop is only accessible 2 days a week

Work Party, next Sunday, April 18, 2pm - 6pm.

Item 6: Tracts

We're overdue for a new tract. We'll start by reprinting Tract 1.0 with the 2010 Joy of Sects ride information on it. Ted and Amos will have a tractmaking party on Wed April 17. Sit at a computer, type stuff up.

2 new tract ideas --

"You almost killed a bicyclist" -- teaches drivers how to not right-hook bicyclists. Introduces them to Oregon's unusual "make right turn from the left of the bike lane" law and what they need to watch out for when driving.

"How to convert your friends" -- step by step instruction on how to teach your friends to ride a bike. A list of all the things you need to tell them, you need to provide for them, and how to take them out on a fabulous first ride that will create a great foundation for further investigations into the Bicycle Faith.

Item 7: Future directions for The Temple

It's been a year since our first meetings, we'll take a look at our plans from a year ago and see how we've done, see where we want to go next.
It will be the main agenda item at our next meeting, Sunday May 2, 6pm.

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