Thursday, July 29, 2010

Help Sanctify the Temple–Work Party this Sunday

Thanks to a great work party a few months back we were able to move and set up the Temple shop at the Pasture's Ranch at 60 NE Tillamook. Due to a very busy and bikey summer we have yet to put the finishing touches on the space, however, and a little more work needs to be done before we can open the doors to the public.

This weekend's work party will focus on organizing the space and setting it up as a holy/spiritual center, as well as a community bike repair shop. We are looking to hang decorative fabrics, make candle holders, paint murals, create shrines, or any other form of sanctification that will make the space feel like a temple.

Please join us and bring anything you have that may help create the space. Fabric, paint, ornaments and trinkets, or religious paraphernalia are of immense help.

Sunday, August 1st
60 NE Tillamook
(Basement door at the rear left corner of the house.)

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  1. We sent you some love and tweeted your event. Cheers!