Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why its cool to go to church...

There's a fun post on by Norris J. Chumley today about why it's cool to go to church. These are the sorts of things that I miss when I think about the days I was a good, believing churchgoer. And these are the things I'd like to see introduced into a secular bicycle religion.

Here's his list -- what do you think?

1. The Eucharist, or Holy Communion. The bread and wine as the body and blood of Jesus Christ, God in human form, is a physical uniting with God inside. After all the prayers, chants and setting aside the self, I feel a tangible connection, a bond made between Heaven and Earth, when partaking of the Eucharist.

2. The Holy Trinity. All I can say is that the three-in-one, separate-yet-whole-at-the-same-time reality explains my continual human feeling of being separate from God, yet connected. I had learned in yoga that "All-Is-One," and that extends to Christianity in the Trinity.

3. God is human in Jesus Christ. This is also the Holy Trinity, incarnated, which means "in the flesh." The Holy Spirit, from God, becomes human in Christ. With the Eucharist or Communion, my humanness unites with God, too. Church gives me that. The experience is indescribably wonderful.

4. Love. Christ's teachings center in love for God and humanity. Despite years of problems, even wars, the central teaching of Jesus Christ is about love. I feel that love in the community of the church. I see the love of God and humanity in the service programs my church provides: homeless shelters, food and assistance for those who are in need, counseling, education, and other projects.

5. God is present in Creation. I see His infinite excellence everywhere the more I pray and attend church. Using the Jesus Prayer helps me connect to God in everything and everyone.

6. Community. After years of solitary meditation on emptiness, I love the fellowship of church. It's so cool and fun to get together with others who also love God. I've made a lot of lasting friendships at church, people who truly care, and we help each other, and we have many great times.

7. Singing hymns and chanting. Music feels like God in the form of sound waves.

8. Religious symbols. The church icons, books, candles, incense, the Cross -- all are tangible reminders to look to God, and to connect with His presence. Others in church are like living icons reminding me of God in Christ.

9. Prayers. To me, prayer is a portable connection to God. In prayer, I feel the presence of God. The Jesus Prayer particularly, used by monks and nuns, and in some churches, is especially powerful.

10. Church suppers. I love to cook, and I love to eat -- community church meals are especially fantastic. There's nothing quite like a church potluck or picnic.


Though our "Joy of Sects" rides don't allow us to develop roots in any one religious community, they do provide a window on diverse religious groups, and are particularly good for folks who would go stir-crazy if they had to sit in in particular congregation week after week.

Yours in The Faith,
Pasture Ted

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  1. I like, especially #4-#10 when it comes to church community. And while I personally am part of a church and I attend more Sundays than not, I sometimes miss the hymns of my youth. And yes, the fellowship and food are great additions to any church.