Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Converting Souls to the Bicycle–Pasture Ted's Guide to Effective Cyclevangelism

The August SE Sunday Parkways was a smashing success, and Deacon Amos wasn't the only one to deliver a sermon on the route. Behold Pasture Ted's delivery of "Converting Friends to the Bicycle."

This type of message was what we referred to growing up as the "lesson". Sunday services always consisted of 2 parts: First was the lesson, which was always an instructional, less formal, and sometimes interactive message delivered by one of the more thoughtful members of the congregation, followed by the "sermon" or "message" depending on the house rules. The sermon was always more dramatic, and was designed to leave you feeling either inspired or fearful, depending on how the presenter was feeling that day. It's nice to see that the delivery styles of Deacon Amos and Pasture Ted fit nicely into that mold, we hope to bring you many more lessons and sermons going forward.

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  1. Hey, that was pretty good! Thanks for posting, Deacon.