Saturday, August 28, 2010

Reading of the Bicycle Master Plan at the Steel Bridge?

Looks like it's on. We'll be at the Steel ramps on your way home from work today!

I had a great time reading passages from the Portland Bicycle Master Plan two weeks ago at Sunday Parkways. When the plan was passed six months ago, I thought it would be fun to have a reading at Powell's or something.

Biking home on the Steel Bridge last week I had another idea. Since the Broadway Bridge is closed, there's a ton of bikes on the lower deck of the Steel Bridge, and they all make that long climb up to the street on the east side. It's slow, it's quiet, and its a bit tedious so a distraction would be welcome.

We could set up our tabernacle at the top of the hill by the RR bridge, with a pulpit, and wire sound to the whole ramp. Since it takes a minute or so to climb the ramp, people would have enough time to hear a couple paragraphs from the Bike Plan.

If it goes well, we could even invite some of the Plan Authors, like Roger Geller, Mia Birk and Ellen Vanderslice to participate. But we only have a week left of the heaviest bike traffic, since the Broadway bridge is supposed to open again on Sept 3.

What would it take? I assume there's an electrical outlet somewhere there that we could tap into. A couple hundred feet of wire, a dozen beater speakers to string out along the path?

Thoughts, comments?

Yours in The Faith,

Pasture Ted


Here's a few random passages from the Bike Plan.

Bicycling creates fun, vibrant and livable neighborhoods Bicycling promotes interaction between neighbors, strengthens a person’s awareness and connection to the Portland community and provides ‘eyes-on-the-street’ security. It is an important component in creating the types of dynamic neighborhood streets where people oft en prefer to live and the vibrant public spaces that support local retail activity.


  1. hey Ted!
    that's a great idea. Let me know if I can be of assistance.

  2. Okay, we should be good to go today! Amos (hopefully) will drop off the sound system at my place in the morning, and I'll haul it down to the bridge at 4:30. I'm thinking to bring:
    * Pop-up Tabernacle
    * Pulpit
    * Sound System and Mic
    * Bike Plan.

    And, if others are coming for sure,
    * The Altar.

    Stop by if you're able and willing!

    Pasture Ted