Saturday, May 21, 2011

Enjoy Sunday Parkways with the Bike Temple

Dear Faithful,

Tomorrow is the first "Sunday Parkways" event of the year in the Holy Bicycle City of Portland. From now until September, the fourth Sunday of each month will be observed with the closure of an 8-mile loop of streets for sacred travel by bicycle, skateboard, foot, and other modes of transportation.

This divine gift is a fabulous opportunity for bicyclists of all stripes and skills to get out and experience a car-free city. A city free of the noise, smells, and potential fatal interaction that cars impose on their surroundings. There will be masses of children wobbling along, families out together, and elderly people. And you.

The route stretches from Lents Park in the northwest to the Springwater Trail in the south. There's also a Lents Street Fair, or something along those lines.

The Bike Temple is hosting the intersection of SE 88th and Reedway -- just north of Foster Blvd and just south of Lents Park. We'll be there from 11am to 4pm, offering bicycle blessings, sermons from the 2030 Portland Bicycle Plan, miraculous healings, and general socializing. Stop by and join us, and enjoy the wonderful parade of two-wheeled traffic rolling by. Bring your own holy equipment or music to share -- bells, whistles, musical instrument, holy scripture, communion, sidewalk chalk, incense, etc.

If you want to help set up, we'll meet at N Williams and Wygant at 9:30, roll out at 9:45, and head back to N Portland at about 4:15, any help staging equipment or carrying part of the load is welcome.

And remember -- Sunday Parkways events are unparalleled opportunities to put your bicycle-lite or nonbicycling friends on a bike, rolling around, having a safe and wonderful time. It's an opportunity for conversion. If they have a great time tomrrow, they'll be more likely to get on a bike in the future. You can even load the bikes on the back of your car and drive there to make the whole experience easier for them.

Yours in The Faith,
Pasture Ted

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