Monday, July 18, 2011

Downtown and NW Sunday Parkways -- This Sunday

Portland's next Bicycle Holy Day is this Sunday, when Sunday Parkways returns to the Northwest to sanctify some of the most profane streets in the city.

The route promises a transformation of 8 miles of downtown streets into sacred space for humans and their pedal-powered machines. Big streets, normally filled with vile, smoking smoldering cars will be made open to us, in a wonderful example of how we can make our future Bicycle Heaven right here on the existing pavement in Portland Oregon.

The transformation will come to Big Name Streets. Streets best known for gridlock, smog, big boxes of steel, unhappy humans stuffed in the cars or squoozen between them. Naito Parkway (2 lanes will be free of cars). Columbia Street (lined with profane financial institutions) and SE Stark.

Portland is going to great lengths to make this transformation happen -- we Believers should turn out in force, to play and ride in these beautiful spaces. Bring your friends. Come and walk, ride, skate or dance. Enjoy the beautiful downtown canyons, play on the park blocks, see sights never seen before by the un-windshielded eyes.

Sunday July 23rd, 11am to 4pm. From Waterfront Park and the Salmon Street Fountain in the SE to the Portland Art Museum and Park Blocks in the SW, to Union Station and the Overton Neighborhood Greenway in the NE to Wallace Park and Chapman School in the NW, come and enjoy a car-free downtown!

Bring your friends.

The Bike Temple will be staffing a corner, possibly at Johnson and 17th. Stay tuned.

Yours in The Faith,
Pasture Ted

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